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George Lamb’s Don’t Call It a Comeback with Rick Edwards (and Marc).

Episode 1. Sally Hawkins is in the new Radio Wolfgang Studio discussing awards, Godzilla and Paddington Bear. 

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BBC Radio 4 - Portraying Real Lives

"As a part of Radio 4’s Character Invasion, actress Maxine Peake meets with actors and, in a series of one to one conversations, discusses the challenges of portraying the real-life character as opposed to the fictional.

Most actors will only face a critical backlash if their portrayal of King Lear or Jimmy Porter does not meet expectation, but what happens if their subject is real? How does this change the actor’s approach to the character research, is it better or worse to meet them, does this restrict the boundaries or increase the empathy? And what happens if that character is regarded as evil in the public psyche?

In discussion with friends and colleagues such as Michael Sheen, Sally Hawkins, Patricia Hodge, Monica Dolan, Shaun Evans and Anne Scargill we discover how different the approach can and has to be.”

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From Godzilla, 2014. 

From Godzilla, 2014. 

Jameson Empire Awards 2014: Best Supporting Actress - Sally Hawkins.

Jameson Empire Awards 2014 

The winner is… Sally Hawkins, Blue Jasmine.

"I’m happy to give you a snog, Richard!" laughs Hawkins. She’s in heels so high they probably need a planning permit. She gives a very sweet speech, and is the first to say Happy Mother’s Day, so she should get brownie points from her mum for that.

Empire Awards 2014. 

Empire Awards 2014. 

Charlie Kaufman’s comedy pilot at FX, titled How and Why, added Sally Hawkins to its cast this week.

Hawkins joins the pilot as Yvonne Hesselman, the wife of main character and TV host Goodman Hesselman (John Hawkes), with whom she has triplets, as well as a deteriorating marriage. Her character would become a series regular if the pilot ends up getting picked up.

Godzilla, 2014.

Godzilla, 2014.

'Hawkins joins Hawkes in FX’s How and Why'

The FX pilot HOW & WHY has just confirmed Sally Hawkins will be joining John Hawkes and Michael Cera in Wilmywood.

Goodman Hesselman (John Hawkes) is a long-lasting minor TV celebrity, the host of a science show for children entitled “How And Why.” He’s been explaining the wonders of the known universe to kids for the last 25 years — and he’s visibly bored with his job and his life; a guy in a rut. A skeptical rationalist who thinks the supernatural is a big load of hooey, Goodman loses his gig, gets dropped to a ratty little market in the middle of nowhere, and tries to start all over again, doing a TV show and working for a much younger boss (Michael Cera). And that’s when the supernatural world has its dark vengeance on Goodman, catching him when he’s at the lowest point in his life, and forcing his grasp of reality to curl and fray and twist and shred — first at the edges, then working in towards the bones.

HOW & WHY (Pilot) – FX
STATUS: Pre-Production. Offices open March 24th. Production begins at the end of April.
PRODUCER: Anthony Bregman, Charlie Kaufman
WRITER/DIRECTOR: Charlie Kaufman

How and Why IMDb

Cate Blanchett & Sally Hawkins Want To Work Together Again

The pair became close while acting as siblings in Woody Allen’s acclaimed movie ‘Blue Jasmine’ and are on the hunt for another film they can work on together because they enjoy having a “good laugh and a chat” together.


Cate, 44, told the Daily Mail newspaper: “We are looking for something. Not to play siblings again - that would be daft - but just to do something together, it could be a film or on the stage.

We had all that time making the film then during the promotion of it, and then both of us being nominated for various awards, so we’ve spent a lot of time together, and it has occurred to us that we should work on another project.”

Read more: here. 7th March 2014.